The Beginning

Alex Saunders set out to draw a logo for Charleston LIFE Charters, a charter boat company in Charleston, South Carolina. After hundreds of iterations, he eventually settled on a man lying down. The thing about this man, though, was that his body spelled out the word LIFE. It represented a lot of things to Alex: the man resembled a friend who had passed away and it perfectly represented the feeling of life well lived. Alex began thinking that the man could help deliver a positive message in other facets of his and other's lives as well. He has a deep love for conversation about things that matter; things that make our lives meaningful. He has found a growing need to facilitate and open up lines of communication to cultivate positive life and love.

The LivinLifeMan Message

This is where Wyatt and Kelly come in. Alex met Wyatt and Kelly Durrette through a mutual friend. They were immediately drawn to the message of Life in Positive Motion, a mantra they try to echo in their daily lives. They saw potential to share this positive message and grow this into a success. Wyatt, a successful songwriter and musician, has always believed in the healing power of music and has written many songs about living life to the fullest, chasing down your dreams, and the power of love.

Kelly’s intense work ethic, sales and marketing experience, and keen eye for fashion has allowed her to dive in and help create a revamped product line and modern, customer focused website.

LivinLifeMan has also recently added a new partner, Ian Jones, who serves as Chief Technology Officer in addition to handling operations and accounting roles. He brings on an equal zest for life and all it can deliver.

Together they are focused on growing the brand and spreading their message around the world.