The LLM Environmental Story.
…from our family to yours


 Our aim is for all of our items to be a positive contribution to the planet, and strive to set the industry standard. We only print non-toxic, water-soluble inks on powder soft cotton t-shirts, and dye-sublimation on our 100% post consumer recycled polyester. We have chosen not to use plastisol inks on any of our products. As the plastisol print fades in the wash, the little bits of plastic eventually find their way into our rivers and streams. When you receive your order, you will not find any LLM products wrapped in plastic. Earth friendly packaging & materials are paramount to the development of our brand. We prefer the cost of replacing a damaged item to the cost of introducing more plastic materials into the environment. 

 As we grow, we strive to deliver the most eco-friendly experience from start to finish.  Great care and attention to detail go into every order. We are very excited to work and grow with you!