We purposefully created LLM to serve as a force for good, and to help unify mankind. Each design fosters a meaningful significance for a life in positive motion. Inspiration is everywhere, and often we must look no further than ourselves to find it. The movement was created to remind each of us to choose and cultivate a life in positive motion. 

pos.i.tive mo.tion: (v)

Choose to be better than we were yesterday.

Choose to give more than we take.

Choose to come together, not despite our differences, but because we are different. 


Mountains 2 Sea

Our signature logo M2Sea is full of meaningful reminders for life in positive motion. The LivinLifeMan literally spells LIFE to help remind us that within each and every moment we all have the ability to be an example of life in positive motion for others to follow. The wave kisses the mountain top to remind us all from the mountains to the sea, we are one. The LLM fits slightly outside the lines of the oval encouraging us to take a moment when life decides to test us, step outside our problems and search for their solutions. Lastly, on a light hearted note, Alex used the crescent moon for the dot of the “i” to remind us of the role played by the phases of the moon in our lives, and to remind him of where he is from: South Carolina, somewhere in between the mountains and the sea.

Step Into Sunshine

Step Into Sunshine reminds us to wake up each morning and face the brand new day on a mission to be better than we were yesterday. Life is not perfect, but it is a perfect gift, and each choice matters because every single day is one more closer to the last. Choose to be an ambassador of smiles, an ambassador of hope, an ambassador of love- choose to be an ambassador of life! If we all choose to better than we were yesterday how much better do you imagine the world will be tomorrow? Step into sunshine and choose to live your life in positive motion.


LivinLifeMan Wave

The LivinLifeMan Wave represents the part we all play together in this life. The crest of the wave signifies you. The trough leading the crest signifies those that came before you, the trough following the crest signifies those that are yet to come. The LivinLifeMan Wave is a reminder to stay humble in a life where nothing ends or begins with you.



We find solitude in the endlessly changing horizons this world brings, and feel joy to live the rise and fall of each. We inspire you to keep your eyes above the horizon by sharing kindness and positive vibes, daily. Remember, the rising of a new dawn is a chance to be better than you were yesterday.

*Don’t forget to look for the arrow in the mountain pointing toward the sky!


LIFE RedFish/LIFE Trout

Fishing played an enormous role on the path that led to LivinLifeMan, and all around this beautiful world people are affected by whether or not a good catch is made. Each LLM Fish design was inspired by specific lines, shapes, and markings to be as individual as the species they represent. In the spirit of bringing people together we set out to offer something for all Fishermen, only, we added a little hook of our own. While each LLM Fish design is easily recognizable as its own species, they all have something in common. They all spell LIFE. Yes, look again! The tail is the “L”, the body makes up the “i” and the “f”, and the head is the “e”. The LLM Fish spell LIFE to symbolize the art of fishing, the role it plays, and that fishing in itself is LivnLifeMan.


An owl sees all, yet is rarely seen. An owl is heard when it needs to be and moves with purpose when it must. For these reasons the owl is considered a symbol of wisdom in many cultures. Hootewise reminds us to be ever watchful for opportunities to improve ourselves and to help others. Hootewise reminds us to speak up when necessary and to listen just the same. We all gain wisdom with each new day if we choose to learn and grow.

Mountain Reflections

The gentle sight of a mountain range reflecting upon itself reminds us of how beautiful this life is!  A place where all things old meet all things new painted on still waters by the sky above has a way of setting a soul free. In these moments it is easy to imagine anything is possible.

*Look for two birds in flight symbolizing unity and freedom.


Surf the waves life provides. Enjoy the ride. Hike the earth. Wake up tomorrow and repeat.



Inspired by nature, our bear symbolizes the circle of life. The instinct to hunt, to feed, and take care of your young. This is something we call all relate to from humans down the food chain.

Love Junkie

Love Junkie’s live to love! The power of love will set us free. We’re inspired to share and cultivate love to make changes in this world around us.